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János Gosztonyi

Born 1926 in Budapest.

Released from the concentration camp Dachau (subcamp Mühldorf) at the end of the Second World War. On completing studies at the University for Performing Arts in Budapest, he joined the National Theater, becoming a successful actor, director, and writer. He has taught at his old university for the past thirty years.

Many of his radio plays have been translated into German and broadcast repeatedly on a number of German radio stations.

He has achieved great success as a playwright with his plays based on Heinrich Mann’s “The Blue Angel” and Arthur Koestler’s “Darkness at Noon” and “Arrow in the Blue.”

For his accomplishments as actor, director, and writer on the theater, János Gosztonyi was awarded the Jászai Mari prize.

Following his numerous plays, stories, and essays, János Gosztonyi has in recent years published several novels:

Életálmok (Life’s Dreams) – 2006
Végjáték (Endgame) - 2007
Elvarázsolt hegy (The Enchanted Mountain) - 2008
Zsákpapirok (Sack Paper) – 2009
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Zsákpapirok „Sack Paper“
Életálmok Arbeitstitel "Life’s Dreams"