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Kriszta Bódis

Kriszta Bódis was born in Budapest in 1967.
She was graduated in Psychology and Aestetics at the ELTE University in Budapest. She lives in Budapest as free-lance documentary filmer and writer.


After numerous publications of poems the following books appeared:
Kemény vaj (Hard Butter), Novel, 2003.
Čjszakai állatkert (Nocturnal Zoo), Short-Stories, 2005
Artista (Up, away), Novel, 2006

Documentary Films:
Isten adossága (God's Guilt)
Szegény kisfiú (Psicology of Exclusion)
Rabszolgavásár (Slave-Market)
Amari krisz (Rules of Roma and how they are applied)
Falusi románc - meleg szerelem (Village-romance - true love)

Kriszta Bódis has received several awards for her documentary films in Hungary and abroad. Her second novel 'Artista' (Up, up and away) is in all bestseller-lists since several months.

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Artista Artista, 2009, Voland & Quist (DE)
Kemény vaj Hard Som Smor, 2008, Balassi-Institutet (NO)